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Roller Shutter Doors
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Are Roller Shutter Doors Secure?

Though some people install roller shutters as a means to insulate their homes, roller shutters are generally a very secure and safe measure of protection and are rarely even attempted to be broken into. Most burglars and thieves will be deterred by seeing a roller shutter alone, as roller shutters usually make a lot of noise when opening and closing.

Are Roller Shutters a Secure Security System?

Quite simply the answer is yes. The fact that roller shutters can’t be opened without a key or drill makes them near enough impossible to break into by hand.

They are considered very safe, generally because the noise of opening and closing the shutter will make any thief rethink trying to gain access for fear of being caught in the act. If they are forced open this is very difficult.

It is said that there is no way to break directly into a roller shutter and get through the metal. The only real way in would be to pry open one of the panels but this would be very noisy, time consuming and likely require tools such as an axe or sledge hammer which would look suspicious.

There are some blind spots where it might be possible for someone to cut through a roller shutter but even then any noise will definitely raise suspicion instantly and chances are they won’t go ahead with your house if they can’t easily crack your shutters.

The primary reason that burglars avoid breaking into houses via the roller shutters is because it typically takes several minutes for them to open up, which means they’re exposed and vulnerable to CCTV, security guards and even neighbours wandering past.

Similarly if they pry open a panel or cut through one of the rollers, it will make a lot of noise as well as alerting the owner so again, they prefer to go somewhere else instead where they can do their business undetected.

There are exceptions, but very few burglars know how to pick locks (and certainly wouldn’t engage in that activity when it would take them up to five minutes) and getting into your house by finding the key is usually considered too risky.

The most common way for roller shutters to be breached is actually via the garage door opening mechanism because this often leads straight into your home so there’s no chance for you to catch them if they use a fishing rod or stick something through the door gap – so keep an eye out there!

Another way burglars can get in is by forcing their way though an adjacent fence, wall or gate etc., which means they don’t need to go through the door and therefore leave no evidence – another place to keep an eye out for!

Roller shutters can never be broken into, however; it is an impenetrable barrier that keeps your property safe from burglars and intruders 24/7!

Is it possible to cut through a Roller Shutter?

Attempting to cut through the material of the shutter is another way in which a criminal may try to break into a roller shutter. This is an extremely difficult way to break in and is very rarely attempted by thieves, burglars, or criminals.

The best way to prevent this is to ensure that your roller shutters are made from the correct material in order for it to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to cut through.​

For example, our aluminium shutters will take a thief hours, or even days!

So, in conclusion; whether it’s down to being kicked in or hacked with an axe, roller shutters are the most burglar-proof form of external door protection you can have.

Are Roller Shutters more difficult to break into than other types of shutters?

Yes, most criminals will give up quickly when they see a roller shutter since they understand how difficult it will be to break into the home. The culprit should carefully plan out every aspect of the operation, from how they will get in to what tools they’ll require to complete it, as well as how to hide and what their next move would be if they succeed.

However, for some criminals this may be too much of a challenge so they will choose to break into an easier home.

Other helpful hints

To reduce the risk of being burgled, here are several precautions you can take:

Use roller shutters on all your external doors as well as on any windows that look out onto your garden or driveway.

Install ground-based security lights either side of your front door which turn on automatically when someone approaches.

So why wait? Order in your roller shutters today!

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