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About Armour DS Ltd

Armour has been manufacturing and installing roller shutter and other security door products in the North East of England for three generations.

We are a local family run business with over 40 years of experience in the industry. We manufacture all our own roller shutters at our Burnopfield site but we also supply and install steel security fire and personnel doors, aluminium shopfronts, fire shutters, security grilles, strip curtains and more.

We are suppliers to the public and trade customers.


In 2014 we entered the domestic garage door market, supplying and installing a range of roller garage doors.  In 2017 we developed and produced the “ArmourDor”, our very own insulated roller garage door.

In February 2021 we expanded into the domestic garage door market further by merging with Comet Garage Doors, a company with a rich history in the industry dating back to 1968 when the company was established and Comet Garage Doors has been in the same location since that time.

Merging with Comet Garage Doors has allowed us to offer our clients a wider range of garage door products.

Here at Armour DS we are committed to offering our clients the very best products at affordable prices. We aim to provide our clients with an easy, hassle free service and products that are designed for sustainable, long term use.

Comet Garage Door Products

We are the local distributor and installer for a lot of garage door brands, below is a break down of the products and the brands.

Roller Garage Doors

The ArmourDor is by far our most popular product. It is remote control, insulated, compact (takes up very little headroom in the garage and vertical opening means you can park right up to the garage door) and cost effective. We manufacture these ourselves, they are made from 77mm aluminium sections which are filled with CFC-free foam (Aluminium profiles are supplied by Aluprof) which are 18.5mm thick. They uses a RSens roller garage door safety device with communication via radio. Autolocking system means no physical locking. Comes with an internal manual override as standard external override and battery back available

They are available in 23 colours and finishes. Comes with a 5 year warranty


The RollMatic from Hormann, again similar to the ArmourDor and SeceuroGlide but has a counterbalance system integrated within the garage door which means the garage door can be opened and closed by hand unlike other roller doors which have to be cranked up and down.

Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over doors are not insulated in any way.

There are 2 types of up and over garage door, canopy and retractable. Canopy doors work with an overhead spring and 2 cables and once the garage door is open it protrudes halfway out of the garage creating a canopy, these are good affordable manual garage doors and we do not advise these be made electric. Retractable doors have side springs and run on overhead tracks similar to a sectional door and once open it fully retracts into the garage. These can be manually operated or electric by adding an operator.

These can be made from steel, GRP and timber. They are available in a range of colours, designs and finishes.

Our supplier of up and over doors are Hormann, Novoferm and Garador.

Garage Side Doors/Personnel Doors

Again these are available as insulated or not insulated.

Our non insulated side doors are made from steel and available in a range of designs, colours and finishes. Our suppliers are Novoferm, Hormann and Garador.

Our insulated side doors are made from either steel filled with CFC-free foam or UPVC, again these come in a range of colours, designs and finishes, with glazing if required. Our steel doors are supplied by Wisnoiwski, JD UK, Ryterna and Novferm. Our UPVC doors come from Rockdoor.


The SeceuroGlide Excel from SWS UK, similar design to the ArmourDor but this comes with additional autolocks and fixing points for security. This product carries the “Secured by Design” and “LPCB” badges.

The SeceuroGlide Manual from SWS UK, similar design to the ArmourDor but its manually operated rather than electric and comes with an integrated centre locking system.


The Gliderol and Gliderol Mini roller garage door. These are non insulated, galvanised steel coated in a leather grain plastisol. The springs are perfectly balanced to make it easy to open and close. Comes with a centre locking system. The Gliderol Mini takes up less headroom than a standard Gliderol, but it is only available on an opening 2.1 metres high. These doors are available as electric by adding either a Glidermatic or a Glidermatic +.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors are made up of 4 or more panels that lift vertically and open overhead on tracks. The most common sectional doors are made from steel filled with CFC-free foam but they are available in a timber finish. They are available in a variety of thickness depending on the brand and style. They are available as manually operated or electric remote control. They come in a range of colours and finishes, available with glazing and stainless steel decorative motifs.

Our suppliers of sectional doors are Hormann, Wisnoiwski, JD UK, SWS UK, Novoferm, Alutech and Ryterna.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

These are available as insulated or non-insulated.

The non-insulated are made from steel and are available in a range of colours and finishes. Available with or without glazing. Our suppliers of these are Novoferm and Garador.

The insulated side hinged doors are made up of steel filled with CFC-free foam, they are available in a range of colours, finishes and designs including a real timber finish. They are available with glazing and stainless steel decorative motifs. Our suppliers for these are Wisnoiwsky, JD UK, Ryterna and Novoferm.

Other Products and Services

We stock a range of remote control fobs. We also stock a variety of batteries for the fobs in our showroom.

Make your garage door electric we stock a variety of different operators and motors to convert a manual door to electric, or simply replace a broken operator.

We stock or can get all types of garage door locks.

We stock cones and cables.

We offer garage door repairs and servicing.