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Roller garage doors are a popular solution for creating a secure and easy-to-use garage entrance. Available in a range of materials, they can be both manually or automatically operated, and come in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit your personal preferences.

What is a roller garage door?

Roller garage doors are a robust solution that combines effective security with ease of operation. They are made from a curtain of steel or aluminium slats that open vertically. When the door is opened, this series of slats coils into a roll shape above the opening rather than moving along internal tracks, as is the case with a sectional garage door.

What are the benefits of roller garage doors?

The design of roller garage doors makes them a highly versatile and compact solution that boosts the space you have available inside your garage. They don’t need internal tracks along the ceiling, meaning that headroom is maximised. This makes them a great solution for garages with a lower ceiling or for garages where you intend to park taller vehicles.

This space-saving element also means that you have more room for storage if you intend to use your garage for something other than parking your car. They have smooth, relatively silent and efficient operation, making them a great choice when you want to minimise noise, such as in a residential setting.

Roller garage doors provide high levels of security, presenting a challenge to any would-be criminal. Because they do not require any open-out space, they maximise the available room on the drive, so you can comfortably park your car right up to the garage door, whether it’s open or closed.

Roller garage doors have a sleek and unfussy design and a wide choice of controls are available for access. They can be fitted inside, in between or outside the structural opening of the garage.

Roller garage doors provide the ultimate in accessibility and convenience. Manually operated roller doors will typically include a sliding bar mechanism that locks internally into side channels. Automated roller garage doors will have a locking mechanism that is housed within the barrel that attaches to the sheet of slats.

Maintaining roller garage doors

Roller garage doors typically require very little maintenance. Washing down the garage doors every few months helps to prevent the build-up of grime and dirt. Regularly greasing the door’s joints, opening and springs help to keep all of the moving parts well-lubricated will ensure the doors operate smoothly for years to come.  Otherwise, roller garage doors require very little maintenance to keep them working efficiently.

How much do roller garage doors cost?

The cost of roller garage doors can vary considerably. As a general rule, better manufactured doors will cost more and these doors are likely to provide smoother operation, higher security and greater longevity compared to cheaper options. Automatic roller garage doors will cost more than manual versions but provide greater convenience.

Installation of roller garage doors is relatively straightforward but professional installation is recommended to ensure their safe and secure operation. Your overall cost for supply and installation will reflect the size of your garage, the manufacturer you choose and the operating system you opt for.

A well-made, high-quality roller garage door is an investment that can last a lifetime. Our professional supply and installation service will give you an accurate quote for a roller garage door that will serve you well into the future.

Roller garage doors from Armour DS

The ArmourDor roller garage door is by far our most popular product. It is remote controlled, insulated, and compact as well as cost-effective. Armour DS manufacture the ArmourDor to exceptionally high standards from 77mm aluminium sections which are filled with CFC-free foam.

Being aluminium, the ArmourDor is both lightweight and very tough. The ArmourDor uses an intuitive RSens roller garage door safety device. This provides autolocking and communication radio control. It also comes with an internal manual override as standard. An external override and battery backup are also available.

The design and operation of the door mean that it takes up very little headroom in the garage and vertical opening means that you can park right up to the garage door.

The ArmourDor is available in 23 colours and finishes and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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“Armour Garage Doors fitted my roller garage last week. Delighted with the result. Only took a few hours for them to fit the new door. They were professional, friendly and the price was competitive. Highly Recommend.”

Dom Phipps

“ADS fitted our new electric garage door in September and we cannot recommend them highly enough. The fitting was completed to a high standard by Kurt and Lee who were punctual and polite.We are very pleased with our new purchase and we will be recommending ADS to all our family and friends.”

Rebecca Garraghan