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Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are consistently popular with homeowners and on commercial sites. They’re a practical, affordable and straightforward option that provides high levels of convenience and security.

What is an up and over garage door?

Up and over garage doors are a type of overhead door that opens horizontally. They will usually consist of a single panel that swings out and up to the ceiling of the garage, but two panel options are also possible.

It’s a simple type of garage door that’s easy to install and use that also provides you with some flexibility in terms of panel design. Its simplicity, effectiveness, ease of operation and affordability makes it the most popular type of garage door installation.

How does an up and over garage door work?

There are two principal opening mechanisms for up and over garage doors:

The canopy up and over garage door is an efficient and cost effective garage door that’s also easy to install and use. Its name comes from the position that the door takes when open. Once it’s fully opened, around a third of the door will protrude, creating a small canopy cover. In order to open the door, you merely lift it. The door will roll upwards and then turn to be horizontal. The door will have a locking mechanism for securing when it’s closed.

Two wheels move along roller tracks on each side of the door facilitating the easy opening and closing of the door.  The tracks take up very little space alongside the door opening, making it a good option where space is more limited. This is not always the best option if you’re looking to automate your garage door.

An alternative opening mechanism is the retractable up and over garage door. These are a one-piece garage door panel that retracts fully into the garage when open. It rolls along horizontal tracks and has lifting springs sited at a low level on either side of the door. The door panel is lifted up and over by side arms and the panel will end up almost completely inside the garage space.

If you’re looking to add a remote control electric operator to your garage door, then the retractable opening mechanism will be the most appropriate. The adjustable tension springs at the side makes it easy to increase size and strength. This means that retractable garage door mechanisms are able to carry much heavier loads. It will usually be chosen for heavier doors for this reason.

How do you install an up and over garage door? 

Installing up and over garage doors is a relatively straightforward process for an experienced installation team. Usually the process will take a few hours, with longer being required if you are looking to automate your garage door.

The garage door is fitted by first installing the framework that will hold the garage door in place. The door and mechanism are fitted and its smooth operation is ensured. If automation is required, then the operating kit will need to be installed.

While relatively simple for an experienced installer, it can be more challenging for even a competent DIYer. For that reason, it’s generally recommended that you have your up and over garage door installed by a professional installation team. This will not only ensure that the installation is carried out efficiently, it will also ensure that your garage door operates as effectively as possible.

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How much do up and over garage doors cost?

Up and over garage doors vary in price depending on the design you choose and the size of your garage. If you are looking to automate your garage doors to enable remote control, then this will increase the cost further, both of the door and the installation.

Up and over garage doors can be a standard size or made to measure, with a bespoke garage door costing more than a standard size option. The material your garage door is made from will also impact on the price.

For an accurate quote for a bespoke garage door and installation for your garage contact Armour DS today.

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